Parking and Buildings and Density – Oh My!

Three hot topics dominate planning in many San Diego neighborhoods:  Parking, Building, and Density.  The meme usually goes something like this: “We need more parking!”  “We don’t want tall buildings.” and “It’s too crowded now – we don’t want more traffic and people”.

But what is it that people are really asking for? What are the real issues?  Is it possible to get past the simplistic, inflammatory slogans and look at the issues that lie at that core of these topics?

GSSD begins its three part series this week called Changing the Conversation which takes a look at parking, building heights, and density and tries to get to the core of discussion.  

First up parking: Changing the Conversation — from Parking to People.

Take Away Quote:
Think about what we are actually saying when we say we want more parking.  We are saying “Come on down and bring your car!” We are saying that we want more and more people to drive to Hillcrest and around Hillcrest.  By providing cheap, plentiful parking we are encouraging more and more cars.  …  At some point a decision needs to be made; will cars be the priority or will people be the priority.  Both cannot be a priority simultaneously.

Let’s start changing the Conversation.  Read more here …..

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