Uptown Interim Height Ordinance

The quickly and poorly drafted Uptown Interim Height Ordinance, put in place over two years ago, is set to expire at the end of the year.  Our old friends “knee-jerk-reaction”, and NIMBY are partially responsible for the IHO, which is void of good planning principles or placemaking awareness.  

Are short buildings the answer to better communities?  Not necessarily.  Are tall buildings?  Not necessarily.  Great streets have a sense of enclosure that is created by the buildings on either side — called the “street wall”.  The proportion of the street wall to the street is essential to the feel and success of the street.

Saying every street should have a building no taller than 65 feet makes no more sense than saying every street should have a building no taller than 200 feet.  Some streets should have 50 foot buildings, and some streets should have 150 foot buildings.  It’s all about good placemaking.

Building Heights and Placemaking is the subject of this short GSSD Essay:  Changing the Conversation – from Buildings Heights to Placemaking.  Read it and decide for yourself if placemaking should be an essential part of this discussion.

Without a new Updated Community Plan, a new ordinance has been drafted to replace the old one. The draft will be discussed at a meeting Wednesday, October 12th  The meeting is open to the public.  GSSD urges you to attend and advocate for good Placemaking.

Wednesday Oct, 12:  2:00 – 4:00 PM / 1222 First Avenue, 5th Floor / Room 5C

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