Our OCD with Traffic

24,000 vehicle trips and how to deal with them:  That is the common thread these two articles and these two towns share. Two towns and two very different solutions highlights the difference between thinking about cars first, and thinking about people first.

In San Diego, we still design our lives and our towns around cars. This article about One Paseo in Carmel Valley demonstrates how our obsession with traffic drives all of our decisions. Carmel Valley looks at 24,000 vehicle trips and asks the question, “how can we make it easier and better for cars.”

Poynton, England looks at 26,000 vehicle trips and asks a different question, “how can we make life better for people”. 

The two solutions couldn’t be more different. Carmel Valley widens roads, adds traffic signals, and decreases quality of life for people. Poynton removes all the traffic signals, narrows the road, slows the traffic, and increases quality of life for people. Poynton’s response works, and it works for cars, bicyclists, and people. Carmel Valley? That is yet to be seen, but we know it will require waits at traffic signals, wide roads, and an environment not meant for people.

Watch the video. The residents of Poynton were skeptical too. It just may change your way of thinking about how and for whom we design or towns and cities. 

h/t Atlantic Cities

Walter Chambers

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