Recently, we were asked to “Imagine”. Now it’s time to really imagine, San Diego - to Re-Imagine.

What is Re-Imagine Urban San Diego? It is a vision for a truly high quality, urban life in the heart of San Diego. It is a vision that says we can no longer plan for San Diego’s future in the same way we have done in the past.

Part reality check (no, we are not yet a world-class city), and part dream, Re-Imagine Urban San Diego dares and challenges San Diego to imagine beyond our self-imposed limitations. 

“San Diego doesn’t suffer from a lack of imagination, or a failure of imagination, as much as it suffers from a timidity of imagination.” 

The ideas may seem radical to some, and common sense to others. In this world, sometimes common sense is radical. However, in order to change, we must start dreaming, thinking, and acting differently, now.

“It’s our generation’s duty to dream big, think differently, and act urgently. Doing the same thing is no longer an option. The dream needs to be big, and it needs to start happening now.”

GSSD challenges San Diego to really imagine. We can make San Diego a world class city for the 21st century. Let’s start now, and Re-Imagine Urban San Diego. 

Walter Chambers





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