Squeezing into those old, outgrown jeans

I haven’t worn a size 32 waist since college. Yet it doesn’t stop me from trying to squeeze into an old pair of  jeans I keep around “just in case”. The fact is, I’ll never be a 32 again, no matter how good of shape I am in.  I suppose we can all dream, though.

Soon, the traffic in Uptown won’t be able squeeze into its existing street system, based on projected growth. For that matter, neither will the traffic in Downtown, North Park, or Golden Hill.

The Dream

As Uptown, North Park and Golden Hill consider Mobility Plans for their Community Plan Updates, it’s important to ask, “How will we grown without becoming overwhelmed and chocked by car traffic?” 

If they do nothing, or even the same thing, these communities will face a future of congestion, gridlock, and declining quality of life. 

There is a solution. By simply adopting policies that emphasize and prioritize walkable, livable, bike friendly communities – outcomes most people say they want – these urban San Diego neighborhoods can emerge as better and healthier places to live. Sound impossible? Read Uptown 21C and then decide.

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2 Responses to Squeezing into those old, outgrown jeans

  1. Steve Greer says:

    I love your site and your ideas. I have one question, though: What route takes you from downtown to Mission Hills best without breaking a sweat?

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