The New Huffman 6-Packs

Lessons Unlearned: Why the Huffman scourge has returned, and how it can be stopped.

Huffman 6-Pack Redux. Street Level blank wall with utility meters greet people walking by.

A new crop of infill apartment and condo buildings are popping up in North Park, Hillcrest, and Mission Hills. Like the nearly universally despised Huffman “6-Packs” from the 1960’s and 70’s, these buildings turn their side to the street, presenting an unfriendly blank wall or a wall filled with gas and electric meters to the street. Forget talking to your neighbor sitting on the front porch. Forget seeing people going in and out the front door. Forget seeing any kind of life, light, or human activity from the street.These new complexes, just like the Huffmans before them, are street-life killers. Nothing less than “Citycide”.

No Front Door. No Front Porch. No sign of life. Only a stark grey wall.

How could this happen again? Didn’t San Diego learn its lesson the first time? Sadly enough, there are no active facade requirements or even recommendations in the Community Plans for residential areas. In fact, the recently released Uptown Community Plan Urban Design Element Draft requires active facades only in commercial areas, but not in residential areas. In 2014, walkable residential neighborhoods should be the Standard for Urban Planning. 

Active Street Facade is important. This building kills street-life.

Walkable neighborhoods start at home, not after you drive to a commercial area. Walkable residential neighborhoods are essential to creating community, encouraging walking, and reducing car trips. 

 If you live in Uptown, North Park, Mission Hills, Golden Hills, South Park, or Mid-City, demand good architecture. Another round of Huffman style multi-unit buildings could kill off what remains of street life in our neighborhoods.


You might like to walk by this building if you are into reading gas meters.

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2 Responses to The New Huffman 6-Packs

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  2. Derek says:

    It’s good in a way because it requires very little street frontage to fit all those dwelling units. Of course, a street-facing storefront would be better, but I still think this is at least as good as anything else that isn’t mixed-use.

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