In Case You Have Any Doubt …

SANDAG wants you to know — in case you had ANY doubt — just how much cars are their #1 priority. How? Here’s how they show their car-love through the design of the Mid-City Rapid.

1) First you punish pedestrians by narrowing the sidewalk to make more room for cars.





2) Then you plant palm trees at the sidewalk — you definitely don’t want to provide cool shade or filtered light for pedestrians. 




3) With all that extra room for cars, you create a median and plant the shade trees and ground plants (presumably for cars and buses to enjoy as they whizz by) IN THE FRICK’N MIDDLE OF THE STREET.

Was this designed in 1970? Who in their right mind designs streets like this in 2014? Can SANDAG be sued for malpractice?

(You can’t make this stuff up)

Walter Chambers

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