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For some, San Diego – a coastal city with a wonderful climate – is California’s southernmost city, for others it is the northernmost city in Mexico. This is where we begin our tour of California, the most populated state in the USA, the Promised Land!The red tram, known as the San Diego Trolley, leaves Amtrak Station and travels south to Seaport Village on the Mexican border while north of San Diego is Joshua Tree Park, a huge nature reserve that is located between the Mojave and Colorado Deserts. The Mormons who came to this region during their search for the ‘Promised Land’ gave the Joshua Tree its name as it reminded them of the holy prophet of the same name. Las Vegas appears like a mirage in the desert, awake night and day, THE entertainment capital of the world! Guarded by a sphinx that stretches its paws out toward the Strip, a pyramid looms above the desert paradise, the Luxor Hotel, one of many theme hotels in this incredible city. The MGM lion guards one of the largest hotels in the world with over five thousand rooms, whereas the Bellagio is a return to the exclusive nature of the casino hotels of the past: here, luxury is at its zenith – an investment of 1,8 billion dollars speaks for itself! Only two and a half hours by car to the west of Las Vegas is the USA’s most recent national park that extends to the opposite side of California’s border, Death Valley! It was through here that thousands of pioneers took a short cut while journeying west, many of them perishing in the attempt. The Yosemite National Park is a near-impenetrable landscape full of huge granite mountains over the steep slopes of which torrents of roaring water plunge a thousand metres into the valleys of the last Ice Age. Los Angeles is synonymous with Hollywood, and Beverly Hills, a perfect product of the American Dream, is its famous suburb with neat parks and blossoming flower beds. There’s also the Sidewalk Of Fame, Mann’s Chinese Theatre and Rodeo Drive, the most exclusive shopping mile in the world. And of course there’s San Francisco, a city that’s under constant threat of destruction by earthquake. Perhaps that’s why ‘Frisco exudes a strong sense of well-being that has become known as ‘That California Feelin.!’

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