Defining a Street:

In defining a street, it may be easiest to define what it is not: A Street is not just the paved area stretching from curb to curb, the main function of which is to move vehicles efficiently from point A to point B.

A Street is a place where people live, work, play, and move. It includes vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, trees, sidewalks, and the buildings which define its shape and form. The Street is the public forum where we do business, deliver goods, come to meet, or just to watch each other.  It is a destination as well as a means to reach other places.

What makes a successful street? Famous urbanist William H. Whyte said:
“What attracts people most, it would appear, is other people.” 

It is people that propel business. It is people who fill the shops, restaurants and bars. And it is people that make our streets safer simply by having more “eyes on the street”. It is people who make being on the street more fun and enjoyable. Above all else, People make a successful, urban street. Therefore, designing urban spaces that attract and retain people is the goal of all those involved in the creation of great urban streets and spaces.

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