Post-apocalyptic story that takes place in the world of The Walking Dead. Check out our Walking Dead music video:
Written and directed by Kristen Brancaccio

Cinematographer – Shaun Dixon

Ellen – Bonnie von Duyke @bonnieviolinqueen
Avery – Jade Marks
Scott – Darren Bailey @darren_bailey

Stunt Walkers:
James Croak
(Watch his hobo fight:
Jeremy Rivette
Rachel Gelfeld
Jeremy Tristan

Featured walkers:
Lo Brancaccio @sweeetnlolo
Greg Samuels
Rajanique Swain @rteye
Jennifer Tate
Tyraughn Barnett @ty_bar

Additional zombie sounds:
Darren Bailey @darren_bailey
Brian Bentley @briannbentley
Matthew Borths
Jennifer Sherer @jenniesherer
Olivia Warren

DoP – Shaun Dixon @sdixon2_8

Stunt Coordinator – James Poirier

1st AD – Darren Bailey
Coordinator – Gabriel Caste @GabeCaste
1st AC – Rafael Gomez @rafaxii
Sound – Christine McAuliffe –
Makeup – Rachel Loosli @rachmua

SFX makeup:
Laura Bedwell-Young –
Kenneth Calhoun – @superkenfx

Post Production:
Editor – Matthew Jensen –

VFX Supervisor – Brian Bentley-

Music Composer – Ryan Richko @ryanrichko

Sound Editor and Mixer – Jon Lyga

Colorist – Rafael Gomez @rafaxii

Add’l Music:
Zachary Crystal @zcrystal
David Tangney @david_tangney
Bonnie von Duyke @bonnieviolinqueen

Special Thanks:
Jeidy Abarca
Adrienne Camille
Jimmy Hammond
Justin Johnson
James Okuley
Caine Sinclaire
Nick Somers
Ni Swain
YouTube Space LA

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