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Columbus, Indiana 

Columbus, Indiana is ranked among the top 6 cities in the U.S. for architecture by the AIA (American Institute of Architects).  What has happened in Columbus is an inspiration for all cities large and small.  Check it out and learn about it’s history, architecture, and design.  Below are bicycle racks that use the Columbus “C” logo for their form.



 La Jolla, San Diego California

La Jolla Blvd in the Bird Rock area was once a nondescript street.  Now it is a Complete Street that attracts people, and handles traffic flow better.  It’s an true inspiration.


New York, NY, USA

The High Line Park in New York City; Brilliantly concieved and realized.  It is an inspriation to everyone who loves cities, landscape architecture, and urban planning.

Read more about the High Line and how it came to be in an article on UrbDeZine.
Photos and much more on The High Line website.

Photo by Walter Chambers, Great Streets San Diego.  The High Line, NYC and The Standard hotel which straddles it.


 Paris, France

How Cool are these?  Reminds me of a William H. Whyte quote: “People tend to sit most where there are places to sit.”

Find more photos and information on Datensklaven.


 San Francisco, CA, USA

San Francisco, a place where street parking is a scare commodity, has decided that people and quality of life on the streets and neighborhoods are more important than parked cars.  Kudos.

Find out more about Parklets at San Francisco Great Streets



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