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Preman Roofing is a locally owned San Diego Roofing and Solar Company and was started in 1999 by Aaron Preman. Aaron previously worked for other contractors in the region and attentively listened to what customers wanted in a roofing company. When the opportunity finally arrived, Aaron established his business with one main vision – to deliver quality, ethical roofing to businesses and families in San Diego communities and surrounding areas.

Preman Roofing-Solar is San Diego’s top roofing contractor and provides superior roofing services to residential and commercial property owners in San Diego and the surrounding areas. Preman combines the best blend of ethics, values, and customer centered service as the foundation of being the best and most cost-effective roofing and solar company in San Diego.

Preman Roofing and Solar
875 34th St.
San Diego, CA 92102

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Preman Roofing and Solar specializes in just that, roofing and solar. For more in depth information on our services, visit our site pages directly:


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