British airways business class club world from London to San Diego
A full look at British airways Club World Business class on a 747.
British airways 747 business class and club world experience.

Flying the queen of the skies in business class from London to San Diego on the Upper Deck is a fantastic experience.

During part of 2017 British airways swapped out it’s usual Boeing 777 and flew a Boeing 747-400 into San Diego.

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British Airways Flight 273
Depart: London (LHR)
Arrive: San Diego (SAN)
STD: 1:45pm (ADP: 2:16pm)
STA: 4:50pm (ATA: 4:48pm)
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
First Flight: 5th March 1998
Delivered to Airline: 13th March 1998
Seat: 64K
Flight Time: 10h 28M
Meal Service: Lunch

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