This Film Was Produced & Edited by Santiago Benito (a local High School student at CCA).
Artie is not your average security guard, he has stopped burglaries and has had many people arrested like other security guards, but what sets him apart from the rest is the fact that he is blind. Many people may think that being a security guard is not a job for a blind man, but he has been effective in protecting the construction site that he works at from several intruders.

Artie is a very social and loveable man that knows everyone in the area, all the homeless, residents, workers, etc. This man is truly someone who does not care if you are Black, White, poor, or rich – Artie claims he sees people through his heart. This Vietnam vet had nothing going for him, his philosophy in life is to “not let anything knock you down and keep you down.” This saying has kept Artie going, after retiring from the marines Artie was forced to move onto the streets.

It was just him and his little dog living in his van for a while until a job opportunity arose. Artie has been working as a security guard at a construction site in North Park called Idaho Heights Row Homes. This project is being run by a Carmel Valley based company called E. Campos LLC. After a few weeks of working security, the SDPD recognized him as an official security guard by giving him a badge and official security jacket. Artie’s story is one that inspires, although every thing looked down in his life he never lost hope. Artie is a man who lives a simple life alone with his companion Rosebud but he is one of the happiest people I’ve ever seen.

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