According to Lenny Magill, CEO and president of the GlockStore in San Diego, California, his store is the largest retail dealer of Glock handguns in the world. This means that it sells more Glocks than anyone else in the world.

Although this is difficult to verify, the GlockStore, which was opened in 1983 by Magill, is a very successful business. This is due in large part to Magill’s tireless work ethic, marketing talent and love of the Second Amendment.

His store features every model of Glock handgun on display along with an in-store shooting range for customers to try them out. Inside the 40,000 square foot facility, upwards of 100 employees keep the multi-tiered business running from sales to repair to manufacturing to marketing.

Magill says there’s not a day goes by when a customer doesn’t express shock that the store’s located in California. “They wonder how I can sell guns in California.” he says.

Magill readily admits that California’s increasingly strict and complicated gun laws, along with high taxes don’t help his business locally. However, his online sales are thriving. As a result, he’s opening a brand new, second GlockStore in Nashville, Tennessee where he can flourish.

Magill chose ‘Music City’ because it’s popular with tourists, Tennessee has excellent gun laws, and perhaps most importantly, it will make it easier for him to ship quickly and efficiently to the east coast.

“So, anybody east of the Mississippi, we’ll ship out of Nashville.” says Magill. “Anybody over on the west coast, we’ll ship out of California warehouse.”

Magill says that the new GlockStore in Nashville will be bigger and better than the store in San Diego. He invites everyone to come and visit when it opens in 2019.

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