Are you looking to take your business to the next level? If so, call ☎️ (619)722-5033 to join our Mastermind which is moderated by Jorge Olson, author of Build Your Beverage Empire, you can find the book’s second edition in Amazon:

Our upcoming Mastermind will be focused on Self Promotion strategies.

What is a Self Promotion Mastermind?
During the session, a group of people will share strategies, contacts, business plans, and stories about how to grow their business through self promotion. Every person in this mastermind can teach you something. The session will be moderated by seasoned entrepreneurs who have already raised capital, expanded their business and even written books about it.

How is this group different than others? Our group specializes in strategy, marketing, public speaking, book writing, and business expansion.

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Call us at ☎️ (619) 722-5033 or click here: to schedule a call or to secure your seat in our upcoming Beverage Mastermind in San Diego, CA.

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