Best I can do from a VHS from 1986. Anyway, this is direct copy of the VHS they offered to recruits for each. RTC/NTC San Diego, 92133. From October 1986 to December 1986. Company 941, Division 5, which included company 231, 232, 233, 234, 235, 236, 237, 238 and 239. The grinders on which these events occurred are now prime real estate hosting million dollar condominiums, palm trees and million dollar vistas. Only a very small sliver of Navy Property remains as a monument to the thousands of recruits who went to boot camp in San Diego, including my father in 1954.
Ah, memories. At least one of my shipmates from company 941 made Master Chief (HMC), a corpsman. Don’t remember his name, but—-hand…..SALUTE!
Carry on, my brothers!
From quarterdeck dot org:

The Navy closed NTC facilities incrementally with Recruit Training Command closing in 1995, Service School Command in December 1996 and many smaller tenant commands closed or moved during these years. The Navy officially closed NTC on April 30, 1997, and ceased all military operations.

1994-1996 – City’s NTC Reuse Committee, with input from interested citizens, makes recommendations resulting in a draft Reuse Plan.

Nov. 1996 – City Council adopts draft Reuse Plan as the City’s preferred alternative.

March 1996 – Voters approve changing designation of NTC property from future urbanizing to planned urbanizing.

April 1997 – The Navy closes NTC and all active military uses of the base concludes.

May 1997 – City Redevelopment Agency adopts the NTC Redevelopment Project Area.

Dec. 1996-Aug. 1997 – Navy and City prepare joint draft Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report (EIS/EIR) for public review.

Aug. 1997-July 1998 – Navy and City prepare joint Final Draft EIS/EIR.

July 1998 – Navy issues contract for its appraisal of property.

Aug. 1998 – City completes Final Draft Reuse Plan.

Aug. 1998 – City issues Request for Qualifications for master developer/partner.

Oct. 1998 – City Council adopts Reuse Plan and certifies EIS/EIR.

Jan. 1999 – City issues Request for Proposals for master developer/partner.

Feb 1999 – Navy receives draft appraisal from its contractor and allows the City limited review.

Mar. 1999 – Navy signs Record of Decision, Navy’s final approval of Reuse Plan and certification of the EIS.

June 1999 – City Council selects master developer/partner.

May 1999 – City submits Economic Development Conveyance application (including business plan and offer to purchase) to Navy.

May-Nov. 1999 – City and Navy negotiate property transfer.

May-Nov. 1999 – City negotiates Disposition and Development Agreement with the master developer.

Mar 2000 – City receives property from the Navy and signs Disposition and Development Agreement with the master developer.

(Facts About Naval Training Center, San Diego, The City of San Diego 1999)

NTC Reuse
A large portion of Naval Training Center has been designated as a historical site. It’s only fitting that where hundreds of thousands of men and women transitioned from civilians to Sailors and learned advanced training that a museum be set up in this historical site. The city in 1997 set down this vision for the historic core.

Historic Core Development Concept
At the north end could be a retail marketplace featuring restaurants, marine-oriented crafts, farmers markets, and other festive retail uses. Along with traditional retailers, uses that combine crafts and manufacturing with retail sales are encouraged. The main body of the Historic Core could be rehabilitated into a variety of commercial uses including offices, small retail uses, and live/work spaces. The NTC headquarters building and its grounds could become the site of a military and maritime museum celebrating San Diego’s maritime history and military heritage.

2002 – Five hundred military family housing units are under construction.

Sep 2002 – The first military housing units are completed, Sailors and their families start to move in.

McMillin Companies, the Master Developer for the former Naval Training Center now named “Liberty Station” starts the horizontal improvements for the 350 civilian housing units that will be built.

May 2003 – The NTC Foundation receives approval from the San Diego City Council for loans to advance the reutilization of the Arts, Culture and Civic center now named “Promenade Center.”

June 2003 – First family moves into new McMillin constructed home at Liberty Station.

More info on RTC-NTC San Diego, CA 1986–Pass in Review and drill show

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