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We have been printing business cards in San Diego, CA since 2007. These are no ordinary business cards though… our business cards look and feel like real US currency and are known as dollar bill business cards, or “drop cards”. Every order of business cards and drop cards is professionally designed and customized with your business message inside. When the dollar bill business cards are folded in half, the outer area of the dollar bill business cards looks like a real dollar bill on either side of the fold. However, when your customer opens it up (kinda like a greeting card), your customized business message is revealed.

Our San Diego Business Card Printing Shop Can Create Your Cards As Business Cards or Drop Cards

I mentioned earlier that these business cards are also known as drop cards. I realize that you may have never heard the term “drop card” before, so I’ll briefly explain… Drop cards are business cards that you drop anywhere you think someone will pick the business cards. So, let’s say you want to use these business cards in San Diego, CA as drop cards. You might consider leaving one on a few chairs at the local coffee shop as if it had fallen out of someone’s pocket. If there are ever any trade show or festivals in or near San Diego, California or where ever you are, then there’s a GREAT source of a large volume of new leads and customers. Again, that’s just a brief overview of how you can use these incredible business cards as drop cards.

San Diego Business Card Printing Dollar Cards Can, and Should, Replace Your Regular Business Cards

Our dollar cards have been used in a large number of ways. Not only have businesses used them for drop cards as stated above, but we’ve also produced cards as dollar bill coupons for goods or services, referral cards for car dealerships, real estate agents, and any other business that uses a referral or rewards system; mini fliers to promote a special event or business promotion; lead generation cards for home based businesses, etc. The number and variety of uses for these dollar bill business cards is limited only by your imagination or needs!

Everyone knows there’s nothing that grabs attention like cold, hard, cash! You will see for yourself that these dollar bill business cards are so realistic and such a novelty, there’s no doubt that they’re going to be more effective than your traditional old business card. Anyone who receives a dollar bill business card is more likely to not only keep it with them for a long time, but they’re also MOST likely going to show it off to several of their friends and colleagues. Do you think your old business cards would get that kind of attention?

Your regular old business cards have now been rendered obsolete!

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