offers the most unique business cards in San Diego, California! This video will show you the best San Diego business cards.

The Best Business Cards in San Diego, CA

You’re on this page because you’re looking for business cards in San Diego. Well, you can look all day long in San Diego for regular old business cards. But I guarantee you this, you won’t find a more unique or effective business card than our dollar bill business cards and drop cards anywhere, except right here online at Dollar Card Marketing!

Dollar Card Marketing of San Diego creates business cards that look and feel like real dollar bills. These dollar cards, also known as drop cards, come in all denominations of US currency including the , 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 0 dollar bill business card. We use a premium grade fiber paper that’s ordered specifically for our company and appear as close to real money as you can get without worrying about the police coming to knock on your door.

Every order of San Diego business cards and drop cards is professionally designed and customized with your business message inside. When the dollar bill business cards are folded in half, the outer area of the dollar bill business cards looks like a real dollar bill on either side of the fold. However, when your customer opens it up (kinda like a greeting card), your customized business message is revealed.

Dollar Cards Can, and Should, Replace Your Regular Business Cards in San Diego

Our dollar cards have been used in a large number of ways. Not only have businesses used them for drop cards, but we’ve also produced cards as dollar bill coupons for goods or services, referral cards for car dealerships, real estate agents, and any other business that uses a referral or rewards system; mini fliers to promote a special event or business promotion; lead generation cards for home based businesses, etc. The number and variety of uses for these dollar bill business cards is limited only by your imagination or needs!

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Everyone knows there’s nothing that grabs attention like cold, hard, cash! You will see for yourself that these dollar bill business cards are so realistic and such a novelty, there’s no doubt that they’re going to be more effective than your traditional old business card. Anyone who receives a dollar bill San Diego business card is more likely to not only keep it with them for a long time, but they’re also MOST likely going to show it off to several of their friends and colleagues. Do you think your old business cards would get that kind of attention?

Your regular old business cards have now been rendered obsolete!

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