Many San Diego, California STARTUPS are anxious to make money right away and they do everything they can to increase their sales. But they forget that one of the most important 1ST CONSIDERATIONS is how to maximize your **TAX Situation.**

They know they need to set up an Incorporation, and they often turn to many common sources for information, either through Internet or an attorney. But they often fail to consult with a TAX ACCOUNTANT, one of the most important persons they should talk to.

Dave Heistein, the founder of Southern California’s Profitwise Accounting, explains some of key mistakes that companies make when dealing with their taxes. One of the most obvious is not consulting with a tax accountant right away and coming up with a tax strategy that will fit their small business long-term.

What state are you operating in? Are you playing fast and loose with with what state your paying taxes in. Many small businesses try to get sneaky on this front, and there are unforeseen pitfalls. Dave outlines what these big mistakes are and what the consequences can be.

Find out why you need a small business startup TAX ACCOUNTANT!

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