As we start to look at post-quarantine adventures, road trips are where it’s at!!! Here’s 10 California Road Trip Travel Destinations that are super easy to get to from Los Angeles! If you’re looking for California travel ideas, look no further!

1. Big Sur/Monterey (320 miles from Los Angeles)
2. Yosemite National Park (280 miles from Los Angeles)
3. Lancaster (70 miles from Los Angeles)
4. Big Bear (100 miles from Los Angeles)
5. Carlsbad (90 miles from Los Angeles)
6. Sequoia National Park (200 miles from Los Angeles)
7. Pismo Beach (175 miles from Los Angeles)
8. Joshua Tree National Park (130 miles from Los Angeles)
9. Ventura (70 miles from Los Angeles)
10. Alabama Hills (210 miles fro Los Angeles)

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*DISCLAIMER* All of these videos were created pre-quarentine. Please check to see what’s open and what the rules are for each destination before visiting and be sure to practice social distancing!

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