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My photographer- Mun @Munopia

Coachella photo location #1:
Orange orchard in Temecula


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Got your vitamin-c today? 🍊 . . If you have noticed my birth mark on my left arm (which looks like a tattoo, I get that a lot), I have had it since I was a baby. I remember I got bullied a lot in my childhood when I was in school, and my classmates called me nicknames like monkey or hairy piggie lol. Dad and Mom felt guilty about giving me this mark, so a lot of times on weekends, they took me to the most famous plastic surgeon’s offices for treatments. I used to be unhappy about that as a kid, and I always disliked summer time because I had to wear short sleeves and show the mark. . . I remember one of my school teachers told me that God gave me this mark because he loves me, and so he can find me in the crowd by recognizing the mark. 😌 . . Now I have grown up, and the birth mark dramas are long gone. Looking back, I am surprised how sensitive and fragile I was as a kid. The birth mark didn’t make me less capable, confident or intelligent than other kids. . . Don’t judge the book by its cover, and don’t limit yourself just because of the way you look, or your inner insecurities. You do you, and that’s all that matters. Be a person whom people respect for what you do and who you are, not the way you look. . . Now I find my birth mark pretty cool and “younic”! 😜 . . Dress: @stfrock Earrings: @analuisany Watch: @danielwellington Hat: @forever21 Photo: @munopia . . #girlsliketravel #sheisnotlost #instagood #2instagood #bohemian #traveldeeper #bohostyle #babeswhowander #travel #travelblogger #pursuepretty #traveler #amblifeiscolorful #mytravelgram #beautifulmatters #darlingescapes #photography #flashesofdelight #dametraveler #bohochic #sidewalkerdaily #cybercorner #portraitgames #portraitvision #portraitpage #stfrock #danielwellington #california

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Coachella photo location #2:
Cholla Forest in Stag Cove, CA


Coachella photo location #3:
Borrego Sprins Road – Right off Hwy 78


Coachella photo location #4:
Salvation Mountain


Coachella photo location #5:
62950 20th Ave, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Base Camp “Glamping” experience:
I realize they close this year…sad, but check out their website as a referrance
if you are looking for something similar.

Photo I took at Base Camp:
1. https://www.instagram.com/p/BpBJl8KFLCc/

Camera I used for this video:
Canon M50 (white)

Boho dresses I wore in these photos are from:
1. Raga:

2. St. Frock (Australian clothing)

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