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On the search for as much sunshine as possible, we headed to California! Starting on Venice Beach in Santa Monica, we soaked in the atmosphere of street performers and some of the fittest people I have ever seen! We then headed to Anaheim for Georges and Michaels first time at Disneyland California! We had the most incredible time and it still stands true that Disneyland is one of the happiest places on earth!

Music: That Vibe (feat. Cass XQ) – The TVC
Instagram: smilewithmel

Location: California: Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Hollywood, Anaheim, Disneyland

Hi there, my names Mel and I love videography, it may be one of my biggest passions yet! I make a mix of travel, vlogs and chatty videos on my channel. I’m originally from Australia but currently, find myself living in Vancouver Canada (it’s pretty amazing here!). Every time I edit a video together it makes me smile and I hope I can share some of that joy with you through these videos!


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