It’s a holiday weekend… international flights are way too expensive, national parks are jammed with traffic, and god knows we ain’t gonna sit on our a**es with extra days off work. What’s the answer? Road trip in Mexico, duh.

Cheap and easy, amazing food (tacos, hello?), international, and all within three days? Why not roll over the border?

Tijuana, Ensenada, San Felipe and Valle Guadalupe all during Labor Day weekend. Tacos al pastor, authentic Mexican tequila, and some of the best wine California (Baja or otherwise) has to offer. Northern Mexico has some serious hits on tap, all within one hour of San Diego, a couple hours from Los Angeles, and near countless airports.

The only thing between two amigos and a killer weekend? A hurricane ripping through Mexico… no big deal.

Buckle up, this is How to Travel: Baja California.

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Travel Hacks

1. Car insurance for Mexico:
2. Bring your cell service with you over the border:
3. Don’t forget to grab your FMM (Forma Migratoria Multiple) when you cross the border

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