After finishing my California Road Trip video this summer, I realized I still had a lot of extra footage that I hadn’t used. So I decided to put it to good use in a new video. This video is the result: How to Road Trip California. It’s more of a narrative and slower in style than its predecessor, but I’m hoping you still like it. Here’s a link to the first video if you haven’t seen it:

Camera Body –
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Tokina Lens-
GlideCam Stabilizer –
Camera Bag –

Many people ask, “How much will it cost to road trip California?” “What are the best places in California to visit?” and “Where is the best food?”. The answers to those questions depend on a lot of different factors. California has so much to offer. To truly experience the whole state could take over a month. And you still wouldn’t see everything. Time, money, and personal preference should all be considered. My main question wasn’t as much “How to Road Trip California” as it was “How can I explore California in one week, with two friends, a camera, and a modest budget?”

I think I answered it.

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Go trip yourself!


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    Thanks Melissa! 🙂 We didn’t release a Google map with directions for a couple reasons. Google maps itself only allows maps with up to 10 waypoints at a time, so we would have had to split the trip up into 5-6 different maps.

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