Los Angeles City Tour 2018 California Travel Guide USA Vacation Video Visit Los Angeles City Tour,USA Los Angeles
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Los Angeles City Tour,known as L.A. Or Colloquial City of Angels, is the largest city in the state of California and the second largest in the United States, surpassed only by New York City.

In 1781 the Spaniards established a town in the western area of ​​the United States, named El Pueblo by Nuestra Senora Reina de los Angeles. The Spanish domination ceased in 1821, but the United States took control of the city 30 years later.

The emergence of the railways, as well as the famous “Gold Chase” brought many emigrants to these lands.
Establishing here, after 1913, major cinemas will have the effect of an explosion of business, which will make this city the name of the promised land.

The city is called the familiar L.A. (Pronunciation, he) by its inhabitants and has an extremely subtle tropical climate.The enormous expansion of the urban area made Los Angeles the largest stretch of land in the United States.

The economy of the city is based on a very wide diversification of the industry.In fact, the state of California is a world-class economic power ranked 7th, and the Los Angeles 2017 economy is significantly contributing to California.

Los Angeles 2018 was incorporated as a city on 4 April 1850 – just five months before California was accepted as the thirty-first state of the Union on 9 September 1850.Los Angeles is the capital of the Los Angeles County homonymous county.

According to the US Census Bureau estimate in 2005, the city had a population of about 3.8 million inhabitants, being the economic and cultural center of an extended metropolitan area, known as Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, with a total population of Over 12.9 million people.

Los Angeles 2018 is one of the most important cultural, scientific, educational, technological and commercial centers of the world. He was the host of two Olympic Games in 1932 and 1984. L.A. Hosts many world-renowned institutions in a multitude of professional and cultural fields.

In particular, the city of Los Angeles 2018 is the world leader in the production and distribution of all accessible entertainment for all, movies, television programs and music recordings.

Los Angeles is one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world. People everywhere have been constantly attracted by its distinctive city, its gentle weather, its geographical location along what is termed the Pacific Rim Gateway geographically, the vibrant lifestyle, the energy that seems to be evolving everywhere And the hope of realizing the American Dream.

The coastal part of Los Angeles 2018 was first colonized by Tongva (or Gabrieleños) and Chumash a few thousand years ago. Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, a Portuguese explorer, supported the southern part of California for the Spanish Empire in 1542. Gaspar de Portolà and the Franciscan missionary Juan Crespí reached the place where Los Angeles is currently on August 2, 1769.

In 1771, the Franciscan monk Junípero Serra headed the Mission San Gabriel Arcangel , the first mission in the region. On September 4, 1781, a group of 44 known colonists and “Los Pobladores” set up La Reyna de los Angeles, an honorary name given to the memory of the Holy Sea. Two-thirds of the colonists were mestizo or mulatars with Africans, Amerindians and European ancestors.

Colonia has remained a farmer’s estate for decades, but by 1820 the population has grown to 650 people. Today, colonization is celebrated in the historic district of Los Angeles Pueblo Plaza and Olvera Street, the oldest parts of Los Angeles.

New Spain obtained its independence from the Spanish Empire in 1821 and colonization continued under the administration of Mexico. During the administration of Mexico, Governor Pío Pico made Los Angeles 2017 the capital of the Alta California region.

Mexican administration ended during the Mexican-American War: Americans took control of the Californians after a series of battles culminating in the signing of the Cahuenga treaty on January 13, 1847.

The train lines arrived with the completion of the southern Pacific line to Los Angeles in 1876. Oil was discovered in 1892 and by 1923 the discoveries helped California become the country’s largest oil producer, accounting for about a quarter of The total produced worldwide.

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