Hey yall!

We originally did not plan to upload this video but a lot of you have been asking to see the travel vlog when we went to California even though it happened months ago. Not much happened while we were there since we pretty much drove all over the state visiting family and stuck in traffic; therefore there wasn’t much to vlog but we did record a few things when we were with family.

Things got so hectic while there, and by the time we got home to Missouri things changed so much we didn’t have time to upload pre-recorded videos nor record anymore new ones — but we will tell yall about that in more detail in our next video.

We appreciate you all checking in on us during our hiatus away from YouTube and we feel terrible that we have been gone for so long. Hopefully you don’t get too bored from this vlog (since we tried to upload everything in one video) but if you do feel free to exit 🙂


– Make sure to watch in 1080p

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