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On this episode of City Passport, our show host Melanie Felice, makes a quick visit to Napa Valley, and shows us a little more than just the wine country that Napa Valley is known for.

Melanie visits Oxbow Public Market, which is a popular spot where the Napa Valley locals can do their shopping; from fresh fruit, to spices, spirit tasting, to authentic Italian pizza! Learn more about the Oxbow Public Market at:

The pizza at Ca’Momi Pizzeria is a must try when you visit the Oxbow Public Market! It’s baked in 90 seconds in the traditional italian fire stove. You will absolutely love it! Visit Ca’Momi’s website:

Whole Spice is quite the unique place to shop for your spices; what ever your flavor is, it’s pretty certain that they have it! Visit Whole Spice at:

Spirit Tasting is probably not what comes to mind when you think “Napa Valley”, but Napa Valley Distillery is quite the treat! Melanie took a little break and enjoyed some of their fine selections! Visit them at:

And of course, you can’t visit Napa Valley without doing the obvious: wine tasting! We visited the amazing V. Sattui Winery, which happens to be a favorite for our Executive Producer, Tino Martinez, and quickly became one of Melanie’s favorites.

We were fortunate to meet some of their amazing staff, and Melanie even got to enjoy a private wine tasting with Danica Sattui, who is a fifth generation Sattui.

Sitting down in one of the private luxurious patios, and enjoying their fine wines was definitely a treat, as Danica talks about the history of V. Sattui Winery.

She was gracious to tour us around the grounds, and talk about the wonderful Napa Valley lifestyle.

To learn more about V. Sattui Winery, visit:

Our trip to Napa Valley was a short one, but it was one well enjoyed! The amazing landscapes and rolling hills with vineyards was breathtaking!

We definitely will be back and explore more of what Napa Valley has to offer.

Thank you for watching!

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Producer: Tino Martinez
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Director of Photography & Lighting: Martha Marisa
Sound: Tino Martinez
Video Editor: Tino Martinez
Music Selection: Tino Martinez

Napa Valley Welcome Center
Oxbow Public Market
Whole Spice
Napa Valley Distillery
Ca’Momi Pizzeria
V. Sattui Winery

Photography Courtesy of:
V. Sattui Winery

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