Some Travel Photography in the Big Sur area of California on this episode.
Check out my photos of Big Sur and beyond on my IG channel @brendanvanson.
Travel photography is always fun. But, it doesn’t always go off without a hitch. We left San Francisco this morning and headed down the coast of California. I wanted to spend the whole day taking pictures and shooting video. However, I was having issues with my drone, and we got rained on a bit. But, eventually we made it down to Big Sur; on of my favourite locations for photography in California.
I didn’t get to do a lot of photography in Big Sur the last time I was here, so I was looking forward to getting some photos. There were massive storms last time I was around, and I spent my time avoiding bad weather rather than chasing light. This time, though, was different.
Down at the famous bridge in Big Sur, we got some beautiful light and made the most of a sunset travel photography shoot.
Then, I headed to McWay Falls to shoot some star photography at one of the best locations in Big Sur.
Tomorrow here on the photography channel, we’re headed farther south along the Pacific Coast Highway. It should be epic!

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