The Travel Muse goes to the The Redwood National Park in Northern California!! The Redwoods are a California LEGEND and I have always wanted to see them with my own eyes, so I haaaad to travel there! This video is a total departure from what I normally do, but I did it this way because I felt it fit the energy of the Redwoods better. So me, my fiance, and two best friends piled into the car, drove all the way up the coast, and spent three days with our jaws on the floor. I might have had one melt-down brought on by overwhelming beauty. It may or may not appear in the BTS video. This is one we will never forget!! Cheers – Nathalie

Filmed by Nathalie and Evan, edited by Nathalie 🙂

Watch our road trip to the Redwoods!




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Planning your own Redwoods National Park adventure? This is where we went!

-Fern Canyon
-Prairie Creek
-Jedidiah Smith
-Avenue of the Giants

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