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Explore the beautiful west coast and have the time of your life as you travel from city to city in California, the sunshine state! This video will take you to spectacular destinations – from the mountainous regions to the sunny seaside pacific coastal regions – California has it all! This video and soundtrack compilation features colorful images of the beautiful landscapes, attractions, and surroundings of California, accompanied by a five track mix of enjoyable music that will certainly have you California dreaming!

Travel to California: Vacation in the Sunshine State and Visit California!

Hotel California – Aco Bocina: 00:00:00-03:13:92
Sognando La California — Dik Dik: 03:13:92-05:56:48
Just the Same — Michelle Jones: 05:56:48-09:57:84
Echoe – Angie Passarella: 09:57:84-13:47:68
West Coast Drive — Arpady’s: 13:47:68-18:29:76 Thank you so much for watching this video by Halidon Music channel, we hope you enjoy it!
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