This film was written, shot, edited and scored in 48 hours, as part of the 2015 San Diego 48 Hour Film Project.
Director / DP: Aly Bucholz
Camera / Editor: Marci Pascua
Camera / Editor: Michael Novido
Camera / Editor: Mena Habeeb
Drone operator: Alex Fuller
Assistant Director: Brad Copeland
Sound: Katelyn Springman
Script / Boom Operator: John LeBlanc
Production Manager: Jordan Gregonis
Script Manager / PC: Angellyne DePerio
Script: Allison Gower
Script / Talent / PA: TJ Mick
Stalker: Stephen Walters
Detective Herren: Randy Davison
Alice Downing: Sarah-Jayne Bedford
Forensics / Editor: Troy Ladmirault
Meals / Crafty: Russell Neely
Forensics Analyst / Admin: Janea Leaf
Erika Herren: Erika Brimage
Wardrobe / Props: Allysun Kurz
Music Composer: Sistla Suresh
Graphic & sound design: Laurelena Martinez
Animation: Rachel Alberto
Bts photo: Joni Stidham
Slate: Bryan Browne
Special thanks to: Ron Troyano, Makers Quarter, and “Cirko telescoptico Symposium ”

More info on 2015 San Diego 48 Hour Film Project – TRACE

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