The 48 Hour Film Project is an annual event, where filmmakers are provided a set of requirements (character name, line of dialog, prop, and genre) and challenged to write, produce, edit, and submit a short film – four to seven minutes in duration – within a 48 hour period of time. This year make my seventh year participating in this event. This film, FALLING UP, screened at the AMC Theater in Mission Valley on June 5, 2017, 9:00 p.m. with 12 other films. There are two more days of screenings – through Wednesday, June 7, 2017.

In past years, I’ve lead a team as producer, have acted, and have edited six of the seven films. This year, I decided to edit for a new team and a first-time director, who happened to be in the middle of relocating his family on the weekend he shot this film – Sree Kokkonda. The 48 Hour Film Project is a grueling – and FUN – event. I can’t imagine moving AND producing a film at the same time.

Most rewarding for me is the thrill of completing a film within the 48 hour time limit. The film you’re about to see is the polished version of the film we submitted.

The differences are that this film has the music that should have made it into the original; Foley; color and audio adjustments; and certain other transitions and effects that I simply didn’t have time to execute during the 48HFP weekend.

Producer / Director: Sree Kokkonda
Cinematographer: Sherwin Cho
Writer / Script Supervisor: Jennifer Church
1st AD: Dannisha McElveen
2nd AD / Production Audio: Sandeep Pamulaparty
Makeup: Cashitta Morales
Editor: Walter M. Nowosad, Jr.
Composer: Kelly Kendall
Cindy Chavez as Lucy Larson
Laurence E. Gibbs as Jerry Larson
Lisa Hoffman as Jenny
Paul Uhler as Doctor Lukehart

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More info on 2017 San Diego 48 Hour Film Project – Falling Up

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