Director/animator/producer Johannes Schiehsl in Vienna: “The inspiration for my graduation film came from my own experiences as a medic, a civil service that I did for one year. “I realized very quickly that, despite all sorts of horrible illnesses, the thing my patients seemed to suffer the most was loneliness. And that was pretty frustrating, too, since there was nothing that we could actually do about it. Getting involved too much on an emotional level also risks your own health, and if you are not functioning in service you’re not really able to help. There is this gap between apathy and empathy in social services, and I always admired people that manage to keep the balance and thus provide professional help. “In the beginning I had tons of different sketches, concepts and stories, so the main creative challenge was to bring that all down to a point. The goal was to concentrate the experience into a short film that gives insight on the dilemma. “And so it came down to one picture: the young, highly motivated rookie medic and the experienced old timer sitting in their ambulance. The differences in attitude in these two characters provided the basic dynamic for the plot. “Since it was my graduation film, I knew we had to stay pretty economic. I wanted a look that combines stylized, reduced characters and an authentic impression of light and colors. But it was also important that the look itself did not become too fancy, since it must not distract from the core of the film: the characters and their emotions.

“I feel very privileged that the film was selected for many international festivals and received several awards. One of the biggest rewards to me, however, is that the story seems to connect with a lot of people. I received very touching notes not only from the general public, but also from firefighters, medics and doctors from all over the globe, who relate deeply to the problem. It’s also great that several medic schools in Austria started to use the film as part of their paramedic training.” Writer/director: Johannes Schiehsl Producers: Johannes Schiehsl, Thorsten Löffler Design: Johannes Schiehsl, Max Lang Animation: Dominic Eise, Harry Fast, Jacob Frey, Julia Ocker, Johannes Schiehsl, Moritz Schneider, Michael Schulz, Conrad Tambour, Monika Tenhündfeld Character TD: Parzival Röthlein Modeling: Johannes Schiehsl, Monika Tenhündfeld, Conrad Tambour, Julia Ocker Layout, lighting & rendering: Johannes Schiehsl Compositing script artist: Jan Lachauer Additional shading: Björn Mantelars Music & sound design: Alexander L. Zlamal Foley artist: Martin Kerschbaum Voice actors Zivi, narrator: Hosea Ratschiller Driver: Peter Hörmanseder Academic advisors at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg: Prof. Thomas Haegele, Prof. Andreas Hykade Thanks to: Richard Laub (ORF), Ged Haney, Conrad Tambour, Hosea Ratschiller, Peter Hörmanseder, Sabine Hirtes, David Maas, Clemens Conditt, Julia Kaiser, Jan Lachauer, Björn Mantelars, Karsten Wagenknecht, Benjamin Swiczinsky, Jakob Schuh, Johannes Weiland, Tom Sittler, Nicolas Palme, my family! Special thanks to: 6047 Rendered with V-Ray by Chaos Group Toolkit Maya, V-Ray, After Effects, Premiere

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