Carmel Valley has the reputation of being a destination for many activities not the least of which involves some exceptional entertainment Cinepolis luxury cinemas is one of these exceptional experiences! This theater completely revolutionizes the concept of movie theaters combining the big screen experience with a high-end home theater atmosphere Their goal is to paper their customers in an intimate comfortable environment.

The Theater has an average of 60 to 70 leather “reclining” chairs with ample space between rows. Every chair has its own swivel table and waiter service button, Yes, I said it..waiters! The luxury theater has pulled out all the stops with cocktail and food service for you to enjoy while you watch your movie. Chairs are placed in two’s with tables on each side to ensure privacy for all movie goers.

Tickets can be ordered on-line for only a fraction more than regular movie theater tickets. This gives buyers an option to choose their perfect seat (though I have not yet experienced a bad seat) and allows you to arrive just before the movie begins.

This is a perfect date night and the best way to see a movie, in my humble opinion. My wife Pattie and I enjoy our movie nights more than ever now that we have experienced Cinepolis (I also heard they just opened on in the La Costa area).

More info on Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas Del Mar | Dan Conway & Associates | Carmel Valley San Diego 92130

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