An agent, brainwashed and controlled by some kind of device, is tasked with assassinating the CEO of Viacorp.


Aidan Chick – Director/Producer/VFX Artist/Actor
Mathew Cherfane – Producer/Actor
Jack Heffelfinger – 1st Assistant Director



Tempest Extras:

Welcome to Tempest Films, an anthology series that follows the story of the Tempest Universe. The Tempest short films follow a story about humanity and evolution that takes place over the span of a century. In addition, the Tempest Universe’s unique mini stories are explored through a plethora of different genres, making every episode original and memorable. From classic horror monsters to secret government agencies, Tempest Films offers a story unlike any other on the internet.

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Created by Aidan Chick, TEMPEST FILMS.


Music Credits:

Nintendo Co. Ltd
Kevin MacLeod
Martin O’Donnell

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