This is SeaWorld San Diego’s newer dolphin show that replaced Blue Horizons in 2015. I was impressed with a lot of the dolphin behaviors this show and was glad to finally film a Dolphin Days with Argo! Please See More to see what made this show stand out!

Dolphin Show Guide with Highlights
0:00 – Opening/Introducing Dolphins and Trainers (Sandy, Corona, Malibu, Melanie, Cocoa)
-1:35 Corona and Malibu’s tandem scream bow
-3:43 Sandy’s fish catch
-4:25 Sandy and Melanie’s roman ride (rare in Dolphin Days but not Blue Horizons)
5:18 Trainer Testimony and Volunteer Segment at 6:40
9:00 Pilot Whale Segment with Bubbles, Argo, and Niner
-11:32 Argo performs 2 side breaches in a row
-11:48 Niner confuses the fluke splash sD for a chin up
-12:26 Niner’s trainer motions to the sound booth which Niner interprets as a chin up sD
12:57 Conservation Message
15:42 Finale with Bullet, Melanie, Malibu, Venus, Sandy, Corona, Cocoa, and Captain
-15:42 Bullet and Melanie’s tandem human hurdle (I haven’t seen this since Ignight in 2009!)
-16:32 Sandy’s ventral bows

Atlantic/Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins, Short-finned Pilot Whales, and a Bottlenose/Common Dolphin hybrid at SeaWorld San Diego on 8/30/15.

Do not use without permission.

More info on Dolphin Days (Full Show) at SeaWorld San Diego on 8/30/15

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