An Underlight Pictures Production of a film by Jacobo Concepción Cardona.

Eugenio has just turned nine years old and his attention has quickly focused on the opposite gender and their beautiful curves, thus affecting his schoolwork and social life. At home, Eugenio drifts off in his fantasy world. If it is not playing with his toy plane, Eugenio spends hours watching his favorite program, ‘The Crime Detective,’ where a mustachioed hero saves defenseless women from armed villains. 
Until one morning, puberty unexpectedly kicks in, leaving Eugenio with a full-grown mustache. Eugenio moves forward, surviving mockery and embarrassment, until discovering the origin of his condition and finding his place in the world.

Official Selection:

Rincón International Film Festival 2011 (Puerto Rico)

Divercine Youth and Children Film Festival 2011 (Uruguay)

LA Shorts Fest 2011 (Hollywood, CA)

Rome International Film Fest 2011 (Georgia)

Cinemaissi Latin American Film Festival (Finland) 2011

IndieFest 2011 (Award of Merit, CA)

Maverick Movie Awards 2011 (Best Original Score Nominee, Short Film Category)

SoCal Film Festival 2011 (Best Director Nominee, Short Film Category)

Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 2011

Show Me Justice Film Festival 2011

Divercine Youth and Children Film Festival 2011 (Puerto Rico)

Costa Rica Film Festival 2011

International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival 2011 (East Harlem, NY)

Enfoque: International Christian Short Film Festival of Puerto Rico 2011 (Third Place)

CineArs Film Festival, Puerto Rico 2011 (Best Short Film, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Original Score, Best Screenplay, Best Director.)

Children’s Film Festival Seattle 2012

San Diego Latino Film Festival 2012

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