Two Hebrew hotties celebrate their marriage vows.
Harvey (Kyle Trentham) is a business executive, and Peter (D. J. Smith) is an interior designer. These Manhattanites fall in love and start a family by becoming adoptive parents. After they settle in the suburbs, New York State grants marriage equality for all. So Harvey and Peter make their union legit by tying the knot.
This short film captures a wholesome wedding reception — complete with friends, family, a yummy kosher spread and Mazels all around.
The song “Harvey and Peter” is a parody inspired by Allan Sherman’s 1963 initialism-happy ditty “Harvey and Sheila,” which borrows the melody to “Hava Nagila.”
Raise a glass for the happy husbands! L’Chaim!

CREDITS: Richard D. Curtin, executive producer. Brian Alden, production designer. Daniel Kusner, associate producer: Todd Jenkins, director. Tom Zembrod, grip. Brad Baker, B camera operator. Frank Stacey, grip. Paul McElroy, lighting. M Riley, still photography. Kyle Trentham, “Harvey.” D. J. Smith, “Peter.” Edna Jean Robinson, “mother of the groom.” “Groomsmen”: Gary Gersbach, Kyle Roarck, Flip Ashley, Sean Carr, Dominick Matos, Calixto Romero, Al Slechten, Paul McElroy, David Mathis, Mike Jones and Richard Hand. Guests: Steve Tate, Charles H. Gregory, John Welch, Clifford Giles, S. Keith Connally, Austin Jennings-Ralph, James I. Gregg, Larris Faris, Travon Bradley, Jaras D. Bostian, Adrian Barrerra, Vincent Carpenter, Kyni Hartwell, Rudy Houston, Don L. Gilbert, Jonathan Malchow, Brian Harris, Steven Odermatt, Xavier Garza, Joe Hernandez and Danny Wesley Ray. Filmed on location at Station4 Granite Bar, Dallas, TX.
MUSIC: Brian Alden, lyrics. Dorace Wahl-Rabinowitz, composer-arranger. Connie Quervo, vocals. Brian Piper, musicians. Recorded at Crystal Clear Studios, Dallas, Texas. (Seismication Records).
© 2012. 13,000 Daisy Films, a division of Abchester, Inc. 1311 S. Akard St. Dallas, TX 75215-1008.

More info on Harvey and Peter: a short film about two nice Jewish boys who say, “I do.”

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