An interpreter finds herself in a dangerous situation, as she attempts to communicate between a trafficked woman and her buyer.

Requirements for Film Competition:
GENRE: Thriller/Suspense
PROP: A Garden Hose
LINE: You know what I mean
CHARACTER: Mac/Margaret McCarthy – Interpreter

Alisha Smith as Mac McCarthy
Kevin Parkhill as Brody

Sunny Thipsidakhom – Director
Matt Parkhill – Producer
Mike Hopkinson – Director of Photography
Daniel Ricwulf – Co-Writer
Lloyd Gilyard Jr. – Co-Writer
Nicole Matteson – Assistant Director
Jeremy Houtz – Editor
Tyler Marino – Composer
Ryan Parker – Sound
Aaron Breuhl – Production Assistant
Brandon Eddington – Production Assistant
Carlos Machado – Production Assistant
Dezmond Castner – Production Assistant

More info on Ksenia – 2013 48HR Film Project San Diego

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