– Movie popcorn smells and tastes great, but is so unhealthy for you. In this video, Nutritionist Karen Roth reveals the truth behind movie theater popcorn. It will make you think twice the next time you go to the movies!

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Did you know that on average a movie theater concession Combo that includes a Medium popcorn and medium soda is 1600 calories and 60 grams of saturated fat? Let me put that in perspective for you. That’s as many calories as 3 Big Macs and 3 times more saturated fat!

Throw in a bag of candy, 5 oz size of Peanut M&Ms and you get another 790 calories and 79 grams of sugar. Thats as many calories in a McDonalds Angus Bacon and cheeseburger with 20 teaspoons of sugar poured over it.

Why not treat yourself to a nice dinner before the movie. On average the cost of a Med popcorn and med soda with a small candy is close to . For what? You could go to Baja Fresh and get a 2 taco combo plate for with a medium Ice Tea for and under 1000 calories and thats less than ½ the calories of the Med popcorn, soda and candy.

Ok, if you must have something to munch on, then take in your own. You can buy organic popcorn in a bag at Trader Joes that is seasoned with salt and olive oil. The calories are healthy from extra virgin olive oil. It’s delicious. No Trans fats. Need something sweet? Take a Lara Bar in with you. Only 200 calories instead of 800 in M&Ms

So if you think that an hour at the gym will burn that off. Consider that to burn off 2400 calorie treat of popcorn, soda and candy, you would need to go on a 3 ½ hour run, non stop. Just a little food for thought.

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