More random claw machine plays for you guys! We hit up a local movie theater and went to Steak and Shake for the first time ever!

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More info on Movie theater claw machines and Steak & Shake wins! – Crane Couple Quickshots Ep. 2

  • Death Is Sexier Than Sex (to Ann Coulter)

    Sex is sort of losing its appeal. Death is sexier these days, at least that's the impression I get from Ann Coulter, who makes a living calling for the "killing of Liberals" and repressing the free ...

  • Broken Shaker (at the Freehand Hotel)

    Spending the afternoon or evening at the Broken Shaker is akin to going to a backyard pool party — but with craft cocktails instead of cheap beer and White Claw. Located on the grounds of the ...

  • The greatest thing about every single South Jersey town

    There’s no better place to get crabby in Jersey than the Blue Claw. The legendary crab ... The Broadway opened as a movie and vaudeville theater in 1926 and performers over the years included ...

  • The Manor Complex

    From the DJ booth, Kidd Madonny, or maybe it's Tracy Young, spins and strikes poses. The only cool thing in the room is the fog machine, which makes it even harder to see the dude you're grinding up ...

  • The Tuck Room

    provides diners at the theater with a legitimate before or after movie dining option. Created by James Beard Award winner Sherry Yard, The Tuck Room's menu offers a variety of sandwiches ...

  • Cinemark 17 Webb Chapel

    The problem with commercial radio is that it's too commercial. Flip from one Top 40 station to the next, and you'll hear the same songs, the same artists and the same commercials. KXT is a ...

  • Bob's Steak & Chop House

    Also, we love a couple of free sides, namely that massive glazed carrot, when paying $45 or more for a steak. First things first: It's not that spicy. If your idea of the best salsa is a flame war ...

  • Best Sports Bar

    It does accept credit cards, it does have an internet jukebox, and yes, it does have a claw machine packed with stuffed and adult toys.

  • Best Pool Hall

    It currently holds five or more pool tables and features a jukebox, an X-rated claw machine, dancing, darts, arcade games, and of course, drinking and smoking.

  • Woody's West End Tavern

    At Azucar, you can surround the floor and they'll snatch your dollars like the hungry human claw machines they are ... and poetry to stand-up comedy and theater. All genres converge every Thursday ...

  • Truluck's Steak & Stone Crabs

    This yields a watery, stringy stone crab. Novices take note: You should eat only the white meat in the large claw. It's nearly impossible to find a more enjoyable feast than this, served with ...

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