This is the official promo for the new Neil Diamond tribute show at the newly remodeled Luxury Welk Resort Theatre in San Diego, CA. Jason Lohrke as Early Neil Diamond, along with his live band, are currently presenting this newer theater production in a 60 show residency which will conclude at this location the month of November 2018.

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C U R R E N T R E V I E W S | Jason Lohrke & His Tribute To Early Neil Diamond Theatre Show.

R E V I E W S | “Jason Lohrke has a fantastic voice and he’s an amazing performer! And he can sound and perform exactly like early Neil Diamond.” -Michael Seligman, The Academy Awards Supervising Producer 40 Years

“Within three words of the opening song, Shilo, it was clear Jason Lohrke, portraying ‘early’ Neil Diamond, had mastered the singer’s distinctive tone.” -The San Diego Union-Tribune

“Jason not only looks and sounds like Neil Diamond in his earlier years, but his performance gives meticulous attention to Diamond’s show mannerisms. These were all excellent is this high energy show, which includes a tight, fun, 7-piece rocking band!” -Michael Polin BRAVO San Diego Theatre Reviews

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More info on New Neil Diamond Tribute 2018 | At The Luxury Welk Theatre Escondido, San Diego Nov. 7,14,21,28

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