For more information, go to North Park Eclectic is a 14 minute min-documentary that features the characters and character of North Park California (a community inside San Diego county). Centered around 7 unscripted interviews of North Park residents ranging from the former Director of North Park Main Street, the president of San Diego Writer’s Ink, the director of the 2012 documentary on the PSA crash on 1978, Dwight and Nile, a crash victims sister, and two colorful neighbors – one straight and one gay, it’s the neighbors themselves that make the community eclectic, and the reasons they live here tell us why this neighborhood has thrived.

Featuring never before released graphic photos of ground zero the day of the PSA crash in 1978, the personalities of it’s residents tell why this artsy, multicultural neighborhood has remained intact despite disaster, and the pressure of big box stores and chain restaurants. It remains eclectic.

Inspired by the book WHAT HAPPENED HERE, by Bonnie ZoBell.
Directed by Melanie Peters, Produced by Melanie Peters and Bonnie ZoBell.

More info on North Park Eclectic | A Short Film

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