Welcome to our third episode of Not So Secretly Awesome: San Diego, a documentary journalism series that highlights awesome businesses, organizations, events, and issues within San Diego County.

This episode covers the San Diego 48 Hour Film Project, a film competition where a team has to write, produce, and submit a short film entirely written and created within the 48 hours, with certain required elements. The NSSA team was lucky enough to be involved with 2 teams this year, with one of those teams winning Best use of the Line, and Best Use of Genre awards.

To watch the final film featured in this episode, go here:

To learn more about the San Diego 48 Hour Film Project, follow the links below:



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Special thanks to the Table 6 Productions Team for collaborating with us on this episode and allowing us to use footage from the film! We hope you join us in our next episode when we cover the Annual San Diego Maker Faire!

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