The AVO playhouse in located in Vista California. It was built in 1948 as a neighborhood movie house in Downtown Vista. A Couple of months ago Dante Reeder & Eric Rebant of The Soul Seekers had a chance to have a private investigation of the AVO Playhouse.

For years Staff members have been reporting unusual spirit activity at this location, Disembodied Voices, Unusual Cold Spots and Floating apparitions are some of the reports. The Ghost of an Elderly man is supposed to haunt the upstairs floor of the AVO Playhouse.

Private Paranormal Investigation of the AVO Playhouse, Vista California San Diego County, By The Soul Seekers Dante Reeder & Eric Rebant, All Spirit Communication captured during this investigation is AUTHENTIC-

More info on OFFICIAL Soul Seekers at The AVO Playhouse Vista California The Haunted Theatre Ghosts OF San Diego

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