The fourth annual San Diego Film Awards returned April 2, 2017 at the Music Box and aired on CW-6 on April 9, 2017 from 8 to 10PM, marking our first prime time broadcast on a major network!

Best Student Narrative Short Film
“Disconnect” by Benjamin Howard and produced by SDSU
“Big Brother” by Andrew Boyles and produced by SDSU
“The Final Days of Elliot Morrison” by Benjamin Howard and produced by SDSU

Best Commercial
“Palomar College” by Palomar College Television
“Video Gear” by Amalgamated Grommets
“A Day at the Lafayette” by Rowlbertos Production

Best Webisode
“Jordan Hates Rodents” by Jordan Hates Productions
“A Red Trolley Show: Anthony Green “ by Rowlbertos Media
“The Miitomo No No” by Mega-64

Best Music Video
“On My Color TV” by Ariel Levine
“Holy” by Danielle LoPresti, produced by Amalgamated Grommets and Say It Records
“The Wilderness” by iD the Poet, produced by Soteria Pictures / Tidepool Music
“Tragic Tales and Lullabies” by Jon Campos and The Incurables produced by RSVP Films
“Twenty-Something” by Pet Shop Boys, produced by Gavin Filipiak

Best Documentary Short Film
“Joshua Tree: Threatened Wonderland” by Palomar College Television
“Tribal Baroque: Beingness” by The Artist Odyssey
“USO 75 Year Anniversary” by Eddie Grace Arts & Film
“Workshops for Warriors” by M2 Digital Post Inc.

Spirit of San Diego- Narrative Short Film
“In a Parallel World” by SDSU
“Undocumented” by Bastard Kids of Michael Bay

Binational Award
“In a Parallel World” by SDSU
“Trastes” by Veintisiete
“Facing North” by AB Squared Creative Group

Best Writing in a Narrative Short Film
Jordan Jacobo for “Fletcher & Jenks”
Patrick Russell Burton for “Sorry to Bother You”
Kelly Parks for “The Complaint”
Shahrooz Mahmoodi for “Tonic”
Chris Cashman and Michael Pancer“Undocumented”
Pia Thrasher for “The Appointment”

Best Editing in a Narrative Short Film
Dante Yore for “The Book of Judith”
Riley Wood for “Undocumented”
Gene Ivery for “Forgotten”
Patrick Russell Burton For “Sorry to Bother You”
John Niewiadomy For “The Complaint”

Best Musical Score in a Narrative Short Film
Daniel Elek-Diamanta for “The Book of Judith”
Vafa Samie for “Tonic”
Reber Clark for “Walk Away”

Best Cinematography in a Narrative Short Film
Corey Waters for “The Book of Judith”
Dave Wilwayco for “In a Parallel World”
Stephen Scavulli for “Thin Lines”
Chris Brown for “Undocumented”

Best Sound Design in a Narrative Short Film
Nyx Jesmani for “Tonic”
Austin Creek for “Undocumented”

Best Visual Effects in a Narrative Short Film
Raymond Montemayor for “The Rogue One: A Star Wars Toy Story”
Mike Smith and Lindsey Joell for “Discontinuance” and “Bittersweet Fortune”
Ty Mabrey for” Alien Story”

Best Production Design in a Narrative Short Film
Charlie Orlando and Greg Hiscock for “The Book of Judith”
Mario Genel for “In a Parallel World”
Bastard Kids of Michael Bay for “Undocumented”
Sharooz Mahmoodi for “Tonic”

Best Make up in a Narrative Short Film
Brooke Barker and Joanne Adolfo for “The Book of Judith”
Julz Perez for “The List”
Dezi V for “The Loyal Remnant”

Best Costume in a Narrative Short Film
Jeanine Reynard for “Refuge”
Amanda Aultz and Cat Forrest for “The Loyal Remnant”

Best Supporting Actor in a Narrative Short Film
Karl Backus for “The Book of Judith”
Jose Yenque for “In a Parallel World”
Luke Pensabene for “Fletcher & Jenks”

Best Actor in a Narrative Short Film
Jon Maxwell for “Con Boys”
Shane P. Allen for “Discontinuance”
Patrick Russell Burton for “Sorry to Bother You”
George Jac for “Fletcher & Jenks”

Special Honor Award: Best Ensemble Cast
“The Complaint” by Late in Life Productions
“Reality Bytes” by GrooveCo
“Refuge” by Fallen Light Media
“Alien Story” by 2AM Burrito

Best Supporting Actress in a Narrative Short Film
Yvette Angulo for “She’s Been Waiting”
Lisa Winans for ”Loser”
Laura Bohlin for “Desperadas”

Best Actress in a Narrative Short Film
Oksana Chester-”The Book of Judith”
Karenssa Legear-”Remember Me”
Cristyn Chandler for “Loser”
Yamee Couture for “Thin Lines”
Kimberle Rose for “Walk Away”

Best Direction in a Narrative Short Film
Don Sano for the “The Book of Judith”
Patrick Russell Burton for “Sorry to Bother You”
Susan Davis for “The Highway”
Shahrooz Mahmoodi for “Tonic”
Chris Cashman for “Undocumented”
Ryan Casselman for “Con Boys”

Best Narrative Short Film
“The Book of Judith” by No and So Films
“In a Parallel World” by Mario Genel and SDSU
“Sorry to Bother You” by Patrick Russell Burton
“The Complaint” by Late in Life Productions
“Tonic” by Shahrooz Mahmoodi and Palomar College
“Undocumented” by Bastard Kids of Michael Bay

Best Feature Documentary Film
“The Nasty Terrible T-Kid 170”
“USS Indianapolis: The Legacy”
“Spirits of Rebellion”

Best Narrative Feature Film
“A Life Lived”
“South of 8”
“Thane of East County”

More info on San Diego Film Awards 2017 – Shotgun Tom Kelly and more celebrity presenters!

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