This film shows the light rail system of San Diego, California, which is simply known as “San Diego Trolley.”

The system consists of three lines (Blue, Orange and Green) that run through downtown San Diego in a loop, but reach quite far into the suburbs. The Blue line actually terminates in San Ysidro, which is directly by the Mexican border.

The fleet consists mostly of SD100 and (newer) S70 light rail vehicles manufactured by Siemens. But there are also some older U2 type vehicles from Düwag in operation. Note that quite interestingly, these are of the same class as the ones used in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. There is also a historic PCC streetcar operating along the downtown loop during the day as a tourist attraction.

Most of this film is shot around the downtown area. Being typical for a U.S. city, the streets in downtown are not very lively (even though I filmed this on a weekday). Toward the end we see some scenes in San Ysidro before the film concludes at Beyer Boulevard station of the Blue line.

Index to the film:

0:00 – 12th & Imperial Transit Center
2:23 – 12th Ave & K St (Yes, street names have single letter names. Beautiful, isn’t it?)
3:10 – 12th Ave & J St
4:07 – Park & Market Station
5:04 – 12th & G St
5:47 – City College Station
7:18 – C St & 8th Ave
8:06 – Civic Center Station
9:57 – America Plaza Station (the Blue line ends here)
12:03 – Siemens SD100 Ride from County Center/Little Italy Station to Santa Fe Depot Station (notice the English and Spanish announcements)
13:05 – Santa Fe Depot Station (the Orange line ends here)
14:04 – West Ash Street (ding ding ding ding…)
14:33 – County Center/Little Italy Station
14:56 – The Little Italy district is actually very close to the airport!
15:20 – Convention Center Station
15:59 – Gaslamp Quarter Station
16:54 – 12th & Imperial (once more). Spot the U2 train!
19:22 – San Ysidro Transit Center (the Blue line ends here)
21:02 – Beyer Boulevard Station

For a short film featuring the Amtrak and Coaster trains of San Diego, look here:


More info on San Diego Trolley (SDMTS) Light Rail / Tram

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