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SterbenLyfe Productions is a new video production class that started about 2 months ago under Three Treasures Cultural Arts Society Youth Mentorship Program at Hage Elementary School. While it is my first time teaching and directing kids, I was amazed on their ability to learn what I had to offer. These kids within a month have created and learned how to write their own scripts to act out during production day. Truly surprise on their excitement within my program and hope to grow together in the future.

I hope you enjoy The Smelly Crime as we enjoyed making it.


Michaelangelo Sansano a.k.a. SterbenLyfe


Teacher – Tamara Pasana
Emma – Coralys N. Perez
Penny – Bella Egan
The Quiet Student – Alexsia Santiago
Smart Student 1 – Camille Collado
Smart Student 2 – Josselyn Velasco
Gossip Student – Avery Jessen
Loud Student – Jade Nguyen
Nervous Student – Robin Luo
Artist Student – Jared Egan
Guilty Student – Holly Vanderkallen
Sleepy Student – Michele Frentes


Three Treasures Video Production Students


Three Treasures Video Production Students

Special thanks to Derrick Manansala for letting us borrow some of his gears

More info on Short film “The Smelly Crime”

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