Written and Directed by Matthew Ragsdale

Always Wrong Film presents the first ever ‘fake’ splatterpunk double feature done in grindhouse style trailers. Starring the punk rock burlesque troupe The Can-Cannibals from Oakland, CA (http://www.facebook.com/TheCanCannibals). The project is an homage to VHS era of exploitation films. The trailers also feature underground music ranging from Dario Argento/John Carpenter inspired synth tracks to hardcore/punk music. All music used with permission.

2013 Official Selection:
Brainwash Movie Festival
Carnage Asada Film Festival
A Nightmare To Remember International Horror Film Festival
Horror Hotel: International Festival and Convention

2012 Official Selection:
Horrible Imaginings Art Gallery (San Diego, CA)
Fright Bites Film Festival (Elgin, Illinois)
ITSA Film Festival (Sonora, CA)
ShockerFest (Modesto, CA)
Oakland Underground Film Festival (Oakland, CA)

Full cast and crew:

Soundtrack credits/links: http://www.alwayswrongfilm.com/short-films/the-can-cannibals-double-feature-grindhouse-trailers-2012/soundtrack/

Stream/listen to soundtrack: http://www.alwayswrongfilm.com/short-films/the-can-cannibals-double-feature-grindhouse-trailers-2012/listen-to-the-soundtrack/

Bugs and Rats
Marie Dior
Nice Face
Manual Zombie
Girls Would Kill
Ener Y Deci
Supersonic Piss



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